Please forward this message to anyone that you feel would benefit from the support of a Charity Mentor during this difficult time:

Dear charity leader

Information and resources on how to respond to the covid-19 crisis are coming through but the challenge is to know how best to use them and what to do. As an Oxfordshire charity leader (chair, CEO, manager) if you would like someone to talk through what your immediate priorities should be, how best to work together [especially board and CEO], how best you should deploy your resources and how to think about the future, please get in touch with Charity Mentors Oxfordshire. We will help you sift through the advice and get some clear thinking in a time of enormous stress. Our mentors are available for a one-off conversation, or for support over the next few months – either intermittently or on a regular “catch-up” basis.

Send an email to if you would like some support. If you receive our newsletter, there is a good chance you know how we operate and you’ve probably worked with one of our mentors before. If not, check out this website although our support over the coming weeks will be different because we will be using Skype or Zoom and we are much more open to “one-offs”, regular help over a few weeks, or support for a longer period. Let us know how we can help?

Best wishes
Roz (Warren)
Coordinator for Charity Mentors

And just in case you are overwhelmed by all the information, resources that we think are useful (please do let us know if you have other helpful suggestions):

A good resources page with links to the main official websites (aimed at chairs but also useful for anyone taking decisions in today’s situation)

Oxfordshire Community Foundation have launched a resilience fund with the following objectives:

  • Help organisations to respond better: grants will help organisations meet new needs appearing as a result of the Coronavirus and help organisations for whom restrictions mean they have to find new ways of meeting existing needs.
  • Help organisations to recover stronger: grants will help to ensure organisations can survive if their operations or income are interrupted by the Coronavirus.

Go to for more details….

Some ideas for remote meetings and communications:




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