In each issue, we will introduce you to one of our Mentors by telling you a bit about their experience and giving you their answers to 3 questions, to include their own ‘top time-saving tip’?!

Sam Clarke

Sam Clarke

Sam has been an active mentor, a previous Trustee and is now Chair of Charity Mentors. His main other responsibility is as Chair of the Ethical Property Company. He has recently also been Chair of Low Carbon Hub, Oxford North Community Renewables and Low Carbon Oxford North, the Wildlife Fundraising Company and the Soil Association Standards Board. Previously Sam was Chair of the New Economics Foundation, Friends of the Earth and Stop Climate Chaos. His working life included periods as the first Director of Oxfordshire MIND and the World University Service, and Fundraising Director at Oxfam. He enjoys spending time with his 3 grandchildren and is a passionate tree planter.

1. What do you feel is your greatest achievement?
Finding a way of making contributions to many of the local and national causes which are important to me.

2. What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside work I spend 2 full days each week with my grandchildren, which is both enriching and entertaining. Also I am planning to plant a further 5 acres of woodland with family and friends to counter climate change.

3. As a busy person wearing various hats, what’s your ‘top time-saving tip’?

“My top tip is to remove as many of those demanding regular emails to a secondary inbox, to help focus on the ones that only you can answer.”